Education is a big part of every single person’s life and it becomes the job of not only the teachers but also the students to fully engage in learning that will be the stepping stones for future adult life. Learning and Education are something that starts far before a child goes to school and will continue after a young adult leaves school. However, during these school years, it is common for many students to feel as though what they are learning is not relevant to the future or life and often, this can affect how a student feels about learning.

The tricky part about being a teacher is that being a great educator is much more important than just teaching a student about a certain subject. It is very essential for teachers to make the classroom environment not only fun but a safe place where the students feel comfortable. Students within a classroom should feel as though they have a voice and if the student wants to know how certain lessons are relevant to future life, a child should not be shunned into thinking it is wrong to wonder.

Teachers themselves need to learn the impacts of education on students and often by using real life situations, education becomes more effective. A teacher must understand that each child and each class are always going to be different and a good educator can adapt each lesson into something that the students find interesting and can really take plenty of knowledge away from each lesson.