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woman-studying-cartoonTeachers have such a big role not only in education but in a child’s life. The unfortunate thing is, though, there are many other things that impact a child’s education including financial status of the family and technology. However, the fortunate thing is there are many ways to overcome these obstacles and teachers can play a large role in this. Educators firstly need to put themselves in the position of the student, understand what it is truly like to come from a family with a lower-income and feel worthless. Educators also need to understand the true potential of technology and that it can play a huge role in education to not only motivate the children, but make learning fun. However, teachers need to be aware of the digital divide. Even though technology is becoming more accessible to everyone, not all students have these machinery and therefore the teachers need to cater to these needs as much as possible. There are many different types of both educational documents and website that can be used to assist teachers, students and parents through somewhat difficult times due to technology or low-income and all of these resources should be used as much as possible. When it comes down to it, all children deserve a great education not matter what and it is the job of teachers to battle through to give children what they deserve.