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Curricula Documents

There are many different curricular documents out there to support both parents, teachers and students through the years of education. The two biggest issues that have been presented throughout this blog are both the financial struggles and allowing children to enjoy technology in education. Here are some important documents to assist with these issues.

Expectations of Children throughout the Years

AusVELS gives a very detailed information as to what children should be successful at doing per year level. This is very useful for both parents and teachers as different education computer games can be chosen whilst using this as a guide.

VCAA – Curriculum Planning

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Professional Standards

When working as a teacher, sometimes it is hard to understand how to be professional when certain situations arise. Knowing how to approach subjects such as a child being from a low-income family, or a student not having done their homework, is something that takes time and practice. However, the Victorian Institue for Teaching came up with a table to help understand how teachers can approach subjects professionally.

VIT – Professional Standards for Teachers

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Technology in the Classroom

Many teachers and parents have fears about technology within the classroom. Many people believe that technology is turning children into zombies and they no longer have social skills. Whilst this may be somewhat correct, technology does pose benefits to the classroom environment. The Digital Education Advisory Group have come up with a very details document in which addresses some of the issues teachers and parents should be aware of, whilst still including the positive technology has on education.

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