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The Million – Mobile Phones in the Classroom

Technology is probably the biggest contradiction within education. Technology is a great way to help with education by making lessons much more fun and interesting, as well as often providing more convince for students, teachers and parents. Although many students still don’t have access to both a computer and the internet, plenty of students do and there are also great ways that technology can be used in the classroom.

Andrew Essex from Tedx Talks (2010) starts off his video by saying a word called ‘techucation’, which is the combination of technology and education put together. Essex (2010) also goes into to mention that with the greatness of technology, this greatness is only good for certain people who can afford it, but leaves behind a whole bunch who cannot afford the technology. Furthermore, Essex (2010) continues to talk about how children really do love technology and because of this, when technology is used as an incentive, many children tend to do better. The video was finally finished with information on a company called ‘The Million’.

The Million is an organisation that provides free mobile phones to children and the students can earn time to use these phones by doing well within a classroom. By doing well on an assessment, attending school and having good behaviour, points are accumulated which earn them time on their phones. This program is said to be a great idea for a few reasons, firstly the digital divide gap is being met by giving these phones to students for free; secondly, children will have a much better attitude towards education since they are being rewarded for it; finally, students are able to use these mobile phones to further their education by playing fun, yet scholastic games on them.

This idea is based on American and will most unlikely come to Australia, however, the idea is more powerful than the company. This idea of free technology for low-income students who earn their time on these devices will most definitely help bridge the digital divide.